On Monday 23rd of April from 6pm to 8pm, the last information session of ME4Change was hosted in Ghent by ACP Dyss, the partner of DAW, for the ME4Change project. It was a success ! The scope of ME4Change attracted a lot of people, especially students from different universities in Ghent and in Brussels.

During this interactive moment, attendees had the occasion to interact with our representatives from the project and ask several questions. Different topics were tackled, such as what type of courses the trainees will get, the time it will take, and what will keep them focused until the end of the programme?

Every attendee looked particularly excited about the project and the training. This information session brought a brand new community into the ME4Change family. Every one came from different backgrounds, with their own dreams… It was very inspiring to see all the young and strong spirits, willing to grow their own businesses and become successful.

Align with it’s vision, ME4Change bring together different individuals and to evolve as entrepreneurs together. It is a truly supportive function for the migrants living all over Europe, commented on during this information session by the migrants. More than a project, ME4Change is among the opportunities that happen once in a lifetime.